Monday, February 24, 2014

My 1st experience with 4SE

Sony Xperia Miro ST23i

Successfully Flash


Syed Mobile Zone

4SE - tool 1.9.1 (S/N:0000000001EA V1.1)
Selected model: Xperia™ miro (ST23)
Selected operation: Flash
Selected interface: USB (EROM)
Checking USB driver status...OK (SEMC Flash Device v2.2.0.5 | 5-4-2010)
Remove battery, wait a few seconds and insert it back
Plug USB cable holding "Volume Down" button
Connected to USB2
You can now release the keys and allow the process to run. Do not disconnect the phone
Device identification...OK
        Chip:MSM7225A Model:ST23i IMEI:35575705-571279-4 AID:0002 Color:RED
        DEVICE_ID: BF7015100065A74D2667A32767C9801CA31E3D9E
        EROM: 1257-7605 R10D030
Uploading logic MSM7225A:
        Sending LoaderLIVE...OK
        Detecting flash type...OK
                ID: SSD
                Size: 3728 Mb
        OTP: LOCKED
        Reading TA security data...OK
ST23i 0002 Red (11.0.A.5.8 | 1266-6749/R6D) ST23I POLKOMTEL PLUS PL
Flashing image partition-image_S1-SW-LIVE-A8A4-PID1-0002-MBR.sin...OK
Processing 279227704_013C5C562CE8.SIN_FILE_SET...
Flashing image cache_S1-SW-LIVE-A8A4-PID1-0002-S1-PARTITION.sin...OK
Flashing image kernel_S1-SW-LIVE-A8A4-PID1-0002-S1-PARTITION.sin...OK
Flashing image fota0_S1-SW-LIVE-A8A4-PID1-0002-S1-PARTITION.sin...OK
Flashing image fota1_S1-SW-LIVE-A8A4-PID1-0002-S1-PARTITION.sin...OK
Flashing image amss_S1-MODEMSW-LIVE-A8A4-PID1-0002-S1-PARTITION.sin...OK
Processing 280364730_0142278EFE80.SIN_FILE_SET...
Flashing image system_S1-SW-LIVE-A8A4-PID1-0002-S1-PARTITION.sin...OK
Flashing image userdata_S1-SW-LIVE-A8A4-PID1-0002-S1-PARTITION.sin...OK
Flashing image amss_fsg_VODAFONE.sin_S1-MODEMSW-LIVE-A8A4-PID1-0002-S1-PARTITION.sin...OK
Flashing image modem_fs1_S1-MODEMSW-LIVE-A8A4-PID1-0002-S1-PARTITION.sin...OK
Flashing image modem_fs2_S1-MODEMSW-LIVE-A8A4-PID1-0002-S1-PARTITION.sin...OK
Shutting down device...OK
Operation completed successfully. You can disconnect the phone now
FINISHED [214sec]

But I Can Give My "HAND" To "SOME" One Who Needs Help.

Beauty Is In Heart,Not In Face...!˙

Murad Hssoain

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