Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Easy-JTAG - one of most wanted update for EASY-JTAG from begin.

Easy-JTAG - one of most wanted update for EASY-JTAG from begin.

DIRECT EMMC connect (ISP) speed increased to amazing values!!

1 month of our job and new Update released:

Now you can be SURE - you have fastest DIRECT EMMC writing in gsm word.

Main changes:

- HIGH speed EMMC Direct core 2.0 Released
- New Box Firmware Released 1.50
- New algorithm for reading /writing with long wires!! <--------
- Auto repeat read/write (if connection losed/or error while job)
- More stable connection and fast EMMC detect
- MOVINAND firmware dump backup

- Speed of reading increased UP to 6 times.
- Speed of writing increased UP to 20 times!!!!! Yes Yes. incredibly!!!!

New phones added via JTAG connection:

- support LG F180L (Read/Write/One click boot repair)
- support LG F180S (Read/Write/One click boot repair)
- support HTC One SV C520e ( PL80130 )(Read/Write/One click boot repair)
- support ZTE V8000 (Read/Write/One click boot repair)

New phones added via DIRECT EMMC (ISP) connection:

- support Samsung GT-P1000 (Read/Write/ Rom1/Rom2, excsd)
- support Samsung SGH-T929 (Read/Write/ Rom1/Rom2, excsd)
- support Samsung SCH-W2013 (Read/Write/ Rom1/Rom2, excsd)
- support Samsung SCH-W999 (Read/Write/ Rom1/Rom2, excsd)
- support Samsung GT-S7562 (Read/Write/ Rom1/Rom2, excsd)
- support Samsung GT-S7568 (Read/Write/ Rom1/Rom2, excsd)

- support Sony LT29I (Read/Write/ Rom1/Rom2, excsd)
- support VIVO X1W (Read/Write/ Rom1/Rom2, excsd)
- support Xiaomi 2A (Read/Write/ Rom1/Rom2, excsd)
- support Xiaomi 2S (Read/Write/ Rom1/Rom2, excsd)
- support Xiaomi M1 (Read/Write/ Rom1/Rom2, excsd)
- support ZTE U960 (Read/Write/ Rom1/Rom2, excsd)

P.S. While you downloading and playing with new speed ISP core, we cooking something new
and also very HOT Be ready FOR THIS!

P.S2. Do you have not supported phones, want help us to research new updates, come to easy-jtag section.

Murad Hssoain

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