Thursday, May 15, 2014

Octoplus/Octopus Box Samsung v1.5.6 - SM-N900Q, SGH-T359 and more!

Octoplus/Octopus Box Samsung Software v1.5.6 is out!

Added support for:
world's first for Samsung SM-N900Q, support for SM-N900V, SGH-T359, GT-C3310R!
And additional support for:
SGH-T379, GT-C3510, GT-C3510N!

Octoplus/Octopus Box Samsung Software v1.5.6 Release Notes

  • Added support for the following models:

- SM-N900Q - added world's first Unlock, Read/Write Security, Read/Write EFS, Write Firmware, Read PIT, Reboot in Download/Recovery Mode.
- SM-N900V - added Unlock*, Repair IMEI**, Write Firmware, Read/Write/Repair NVM, Repair 3G/4G, Read/Write Security, Read/Write EFS, Reboot in Download/Recovery Mode.
- SGH-T359 - added Read Codes, Read/Write/Repair NVM.
- GT-C3310R - added Unlock, Read Codes, Write Firmware, Repair IMEI, Read Full Flash.
- SGH-T379 - added Write Firmware.
- GT-C3510 - added Write Firmware.
- GT-C3510N - added Write Firmware.
  • Improved:

- GT-N5100 - improved Repair IMEI and Repair Network operations.
  • All supported operations are described in details in Software manuals (Help button in the Software).


After Unlock operation for SM-N900V has been completed, IMEI will be set to service value "35750705000001/0".
** By performing Repair IMEI operation for SM-N900V it is possible to repair IMEI to one of the service IMEIs from the list. Currently no solution found on how to repair IMEI to original value.

Fast Repair IMEI for SC-01D, SC-03E, SC-02E, SC-05D, SC-06D, SGH-I337, SGH-I337M, SGH-I717, SGH-I717D, SGH-I717M, SGH-I717R, SGH-I747, SGH-I747M, SGH-I747D, SGH-I957, SGH-I957D, SGH-I957M, SGH-I957R, SGH-T769, SGH-T889, SGH-T889V, SGH-T999, SGH-T999V, SGH-T999L, SGH-M919, SGH-M919V, GT-I9210, GT-I9210T, GT-I9305, GT-I9305T, GT-I9305N, GT-I9505, GT-N7105, GT-N7105T and that's just the tip of the iceberg!
Download Octoplus/Octopus Box Samsung Software v1.5.6

Murad Hssoain

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