Monday, March 30, 2015

china samsung i8552 dous hang on logo don with just format with volcano

Analysis of USB port,Please insert phone USB cable.
Hardware version:CB00
Software version:E201
SecCfgVal :0x00000000
BromVersion :0xFF
BLVersion :0x01
Boot downloading complete!
EMMC_BOOT1_SIZE: 0x00100000
EMMC_BOOT2_SIZE: 0x00100000
EMMC_PRMB_SIZE: 0x00020000
EMMC_GP1_SIZE: 0x00000000
EMMC_GP2_SIZE: 0x00000000
EMMC_GP3_SIZE: 0x00000000
EMMC_GP4_SIZE: 0x00000000
EMMC_USER_SIZE: 0x0E9000000(3.64 G)

Analysis of system files...
PRELOADER: addr:0x000000 --length:0x040000
DSP_BL: addr:0x040000 --length:0x5C0000
MBR: addr:0x600000 --length:0x004000
EBR1: addr:0x604000 --length:0x05C000
__NODL_PMT: addr:0x660000 --length:0x400000
__NODL_NVRAM: addr:0xA60000 --length:0x300000
__NODL_SECCFG: addr:0xD60000 --length:0x020000
UBOOT: addr:0xD80000 --length:0x060000
BOOTIMG: addr:0xDE0000 --length:0x600000
RECOVERY: addr:0x13E0000 --length:0x600000
SEC_RO: addr:0x19E0000 --length:0x600000
__NODL_MISC: addr:0x1FE0000 --length:0x060000
LOGO: addr:0x2040000 --length:0x300000
__NODL_EXPDB: addr:0x2340000 --length:0x0A0000
EBR2: addr:0x23E0000 --length:0x004000
ANDROID: addr:0x23E4000 --length:0x20000000
CACHE: addr:0x223E4000 --length:0x20000000
USRDATA: addr:0x423E4000 --length:0x40000000
__NODL_FAT: addr:0x823E4000 --length:0x6643C000
__NODL_BMTPOOL: addr:0xFFFF0050 --length:0x000000

Read phone information success.
Format range: Start Address: 0x423E5000,Format Length :0x3FFFF000
Flash erasing complete!

Please take out SIM and Memory card from phone when power on first time, or it will have Memory Lock .
>>If you meet Memory Lock,please take all cards from phone and restart phone again.

Murad Hssoain

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