Friday, March 20, 2015

OSS-Client V3.9C Released!.. Cerberus Edition!!! - It´s Time For Qualcomm Devices...

Dear Users ... It's Time for more Gifts ... CERBERUS METHOD is here !!!
We've been working so hard for our user this year and We are glad to introduce them our Qualcomm update. It's been a great year. We are released nearly 4 updates by month, including exclusive models and unique Solutions.

- No more Hard Work, you could make your business simple, profitable and easy!!!
- We are very happy for your trust and always Believe in us. Our Users Empowering Us to Move On...
- No more Complex Process, No more waste your time...
- You Just Earn and Smile

Thank You for your Chance to Believe in Us!!!

On this occasion we introduce our newest solution !!! Cerberus Method for ZTE Devices with Qualcomm Chipset inside
ZTE Qualcomm by Usb Data Cable FIRST and Alone in The World!!! Free Beta version, More is Coming
no Need Credits or Pack´s

- Moche Smart A16 FIRST and Alone in The World!!!
- KIS 3 FIRST and Alone in The World!!!

Information II
Exclusive & FREEE NON Need Credits/Logs Activations Or Pack´s !!!!!
ZTE Devices Supported For Unlocking!!! Only Need IMEI of your Mobile and OSS Will to Generate your Real NCK Code "Factory Format Supported in Various Models -FIRST and Alone in The World!!!

- ZTE GRAND X QUAD Lite FREEEE Not Need Credits etc...

Information III
Huawei Qualcomm Devices by Usb Data Cable - Non is First In the World.. But is Real Unlocking all Versions Supported - Not More pack´s or Special Credits...

Devices Supported & Tested!!!
- Y536
- Y530
- G510
- G615
- G526
- G527
- G630
- Y336
- G716
- G740
- HW-01E
- U8686
- U9201L
- U9292L
- U9501L
- Y301
- G6
- Y340

Special Info/About Variants
- Our solution is created from 0 ... do not buy, do not copy .. we are old school .. we do good or NOT do.
- Having just need your rooted Devices/phone!! "With privileges SU"
- Solution tested in different Variants .. & to spare the BLA, Bla Bla .. we put at your disposal a simple solution & FREEEE


OSS Client | One software, many possibilities
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WhatsApp +33699940116

Murad Hssoain

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