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samsung g530h unlock with z3x Download CERT File And Download QCN File

Keep in mind how content and energized you felt when you unpacked your new Samsung SM-G530H from its crate?
At the same time soon you figured out that your item is restricted by a simlock and you can’t decide to utilize it as you want… did you simply burn through many dollars on an item you don’t even truly own?!
Find how simple you can evacuate this limitation and make your Samsung SM-G530H 100% YOURS!
End up with a simlock free Samsung SM-G530H with our ensured super simple, quick and demonstrated unlock with z3x . We open the telephones others don’t and on top of that at the best costs!
Begin with our no-hazard, no commitments IMEI look at by filling the data about your telephone beneath under step
  1. fast time root your samsung g530h
  2. Download CERT File
  3. And Download QCN File

Following Image   samsung g530h unlock with z3x

samsung g530h unlock with z3x
samsung g530h unlock with z3x
Selected model: SM-G530H
Selected port: COM611 SAMSUNG Mobile USB Serial Port
Selected port speed: 115200
Checking certificate file… OK
Searching ADB device… OK
Reading phone info…
Model: SM-G530H
Android version: 4.4.4
Product code: Not Active
Phone version: G530HXXU1ANIA
PDA version: G530HXXU1ANIE
CSC version: G530HODD1ANI5
IMEI: Unknown
Phone S/N: R51FB0BD4KM
Checking Super user right… true
Bypass MSL… OK
Checking for compatible phone and cert… OK
Writing CERT… OK
Checking CERT status… OK
Writing Slave CERT… OK
Checking Slave CERT status… OK
Rebooting phone… OK
Done with Samsung Tool v.18.9
Selected model: SM-G530H
Selected port: COM611 SAMSUNG Mobile USB Serial Port
Selected port speed: 115200
Reading QCN file… OK
Checking phone at COM611
Detected ID: 00000FFE (MSM8916)
SW Version: MPSS.DPM.1.0.c7.1-00023-M8916EAAAANVZM-1.01692836.4887.1
Checking paths… OK
Restoring EFS Backup… OK
Restoring NV Items… OK
Restoring NV Item SIM1… OK
Restoring NV Item SIM2… OK
Restoring Provisioning Item Files… OK
Done with Samsung Tool v.18.9

Samsung open by codes (otherwise called Samsung open by IMEI) administration is focused around topographical districts. This is the reason you initially need to choose the locale where your Samsung is simlocked and why costs are diverse every district. We will dependably give all level open codes and we don’t recover open codes from the administrators as these NEVER give unfreeze codes. We generally give: 1. System open codes (NCK) 2. Administration Provider open code (SPCK) 3. sub supplier open code (CP) 4. Unfreeze/ Defreeze code (MCK).

Murad Hssoain

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