Sunday, October 11, 2015

Sigma Software v2.05.01 is out!

Sigma Software v2.05.01 is out!

Qualcomm platform update:
1. Added: ♦ Direct unlock / Get unlock codes
♦ Wrong code counter reset
♦ Repair IMEI

features for the following Sony smartphones:
♦ Sony ST21a, ST21i Xperia Tipo (Tapioca SS)
♦ Sony ST21a2, ST21i2 Xperia Tipo Dual (Tapioca DS)
♦ Sony ST23a, ST23i Xperia Miro (Mesona)
♦ Sony ST26a, ST26i Xperia J (JLo)
♦ Sony Xperia E C15, C1504, C1505 (Nanhu SS)
♦ Sony Xperia E dual C16, C1604, C1605 (Nanhu DS)

Read step-by-step manual on how to service these devices
2. The following models have been added to the list of supported:
♦ Alcatel OT-4019 One Touch Fire C
♦ Alcatel OT-6015 One Touch Fire E
♦ Vodafone 888N

3.Added calculation via IMEI for M4 SS660 Space

4. Fast Direct Unlock / Repair IMEI firmware database has been updated
with the following versions for:
♦ ZTE Blade III: BG_P772N10V1.0.0B04
♦ ZTE Skate: TMO_AUT_P743TV1.0.0B08
♦ ZTE N720: 1 new firmware version
♦ M4tel Ss660: 2 new firmware versions

MTK platform update:
1. The following models have been added to the list of supported:
ACE Caracas Pro (MT6236)
♦ Airis TM400 (MT6572)
♦ Azumi Chic WF (MT6252)
♦ Azumi Q13 (MT62XX)
♦ Azumi KL35 (MT6572)
♦ Avvio 778 (MT6572)
♦ BLU Samba JR Plus Q53i (MT625A)
♦ Bitel B8403 (MT6572)
♦ Bmobile s750 (MT62XX)
♦ Digicel DL700 (MT65XX)
♦ G-FIVE QT600 (MT6252)
♦ Homechoice E360 Alpha (MT6516)
♦ TCT OWN S3010 (MT6572)
♦ Lanix S220 (MT6572)
♦ ISWAG Tempo (MT6260)
♦ M4tel SS1090 (MT6577)
♦ Meo Smart a65 (MT6582)
♦ Nomu Ip-67 (MT6252)
♦ Philips S308 (MT6572)
♦ Plum Trigger Z102 (MT6572)
♦ Sendtel Wise+ (MT6572)
♦ Tele2fon F2 (MT6260)
♦ Verykool i240 (MT6260)
♦ Yezz yb116 (MT6572)
♦ ZTE Grand XM (MT6577)

2. Added Calculation via IMEI for the following M4tel smartphones:
♦ M4 SS1050 Joy
♦ M4 SS1060 Live
♦ M4 SS1070 Sense
♦ M4 SS1080 maxone
♦ M4 SS1090 maxultra
♦ M4 SS550 Genius
♦ M4 SS880 mirage
♦ M4 SS990 e-motion
For M4tel models type *#45362718090#* on the phone
and phone's menu will pop-up with unlock code request.

Download Sigma Software v2.05.01

Murad Hssoain

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