Sunday, December 6, 2015

MIRACLE 2.25 MTK | FRP | Virus Cleaner | Reactivation | EE | SHOCKING UPDATE


6th Dec 15


1.MTK add Clear FRP REMOVE (Android Mobile).
# No Need Root Required.
# No Need ADB Required.
# No Need USB Enable.
# Include other Setting Removed.
# No Need Flash.
# No Need Scatter File.

2.MTK Add Format Safe & Advanced (Android Mobile).
# Safe Feature Can Format Auto.
# Advanced Format as User want.

3.MTK Improve Remove Virus olny EMMC Miracle AV (Android Mobile)
# No Need Root Required.
# No Need ADB Required.
# No Need USB Enable.
# No Need Format.
# No Need Flash.
# No Need Scatter File.
# 550+ Data Base Added.
# Monkey Virus 1 Short Clean.

4.MTK Add Write Flash before Format All flash.
# Advanced Function.
# Some Time after Flash No Boot Use this Option.
# Format Full Mobile Also.

5.MTK Add Improved IMEI Repair New BT.
# No Required CDC Driver.
# Fast and Secure IMEI Repair Option.

6.Android Add Miracle AV (Advanced).
# Remove 550+ Malware Virus.
# Remove unwanted Apps.
# Auto Show Suspected Apps.
# Monkey Virus Show.
# Rooted or not Rooted Both Option Include.

7. Android Info Display on Toolbar.
# Plug & Show
# Show CPU TYPE.
# Show Mobile Model.
# Show Android Version.

8.Samsung Add Reset Reactivation/EE lock.
# Reset Samsung Reactivation Lock.
# Reset Samsung EE Lock.

9.Samsung Add Reset FRP New Model added.
# Samsung FRP-3 NEW MODELS Added.

10.HTC Reset FRP Added.
# HTC VARIOUS Models Added.

11.SPD Improve Android EMMC Format.
# Now Better then Before.

12.Some Small Bug Solved.

13. \BoxData\Firmware_Updater added Firmware Updater.
# Some User Face Problem for Firmware Can Repair.

14. \BoxData\Updater added.
# Update New Version Easily.

15.Default GUI Change. 

Download Now 2.25 Full Setup

Murad Hssoain

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