Monday, January 25, 2016

Qmobile A34 HAng On Logo Recover Done Only Doing Formating With Avanger Box

Qmobile A34 HAng On Logo Recover Done Only Doing Formating With Avanger Box

 Action : Format UserData.
 Selected 0-By CPU:MT6571_EMMC
 Exe version: Avengers Box MTK 0.2.4
 Reinsert phone battery. 
 Battery must be charged.
 Phone must be off with battery inside. 
 Please insert USB cable now...
 Detected : MediaTek PreLoader USB VCOM (Android) (COM60)
 Phone detected...Please wait
 Sending DA agent, please wait...
 BaseBand CPU :MT6572_S00
 BaseBand CPU Secure Version : FF
 BaseBand CPU Bootloader Version : 01
 NAND: (4Gb+2048Mb) [Hynix] H9TA4GH2GDMCPR 
 Size: 0x20000000       [0.500 GB]
 BlockSize: 2048 SpareSize: 64  BMT Blocks 80
 Detecting high speed port, wait......
 If driver not installed, install high speed port driver.
 If not need high speed port, disable it.
 After repeat opperation.
 Detecting high speed port, wait......
 Detected : MediaTek DA USB VCOM (Android) (COM77)
 Searching partiton table, wait..
 [0]Part: ests Begin: 0x766f430220b06e65 Len: 0x431e5b66      
 [1]Part: erd  Model Begin: 0x6e49043e6c737563 Len: 0x6f466465      
 [0]Part: PREFIX_URI Begin: 0x64650200702b4200 Len: 0x6404e4cc      
 [0]Part:    Begin: 0x8c5f7873a59580c0 Len: 0x4cec3094      
 [0]Part: Ã Begin: 0x72705f65756c6176 Len: 0x5f79656b      
 [0]Part: PRELOADER Begin: 0x0              Len: 0x80000         
 [1]Part: PRO_INFO Begin: 0x80000          Len: 0x100000        
 [2]Part: NVRAM Begin: 0x180000         Len: 0x180000        
 [3]Part: PROTECT_F Begin: 0x300000         Len: 0x180000        
 [4]Part: PROTECT_S Begin: 0x480000         Len: 0x180000        
 [5]Part: SECCFG Begin: 0x600000         Len: 0x20000         
 [6]Part: UBOOT Begin: 0x620000         Len: 0x60000         
 [7]Part: BOOTIMG Begin: 0x680000         Len: 0x600000        
 [8]Part: RECOVERY Begin: 0xc80000         Len: 0x600000        
 [9]Part: SEC_RO Begin: 0x1280000        Len: 0x40000         
 [10]Part: MISC Begin: 0x12c0000        Len: 0x60000         
 [11]Part: LOGO Begin: 0x1320000        Len: 0x100000        
 [12]Part: EXPDB Begin: 0x1420000        Len: 0x200000        
 [13]Part: ANDROID Begin: 0x1620000        Len: 0xfa00000       
 [14]Part: CACHE Begin: 0x11020000       Len: 0x700000        
 [15]Part: USRDATA Begin: 0x11720000       Len: 0xdea0000       
 [16]Part: BMTPOOL Begin: 0xffff0050       Len: 0x0             
 Offset: 0x1f598000       Count: 17
 Detecting format adress....wait!
 FORMAT NAND FLASH :  BEGIN: 0x11020000       - LEN: 0x700000        
 FORMAT NAND FLASH :  BEGIN: 0x11720000       - LEN: 0xdea0000       
 Phone can start slow at first power on
 If phone stuck on logo, perform wipe from recovery.
 First start can take up to 5 min on some phones.
 Wait untill phone will start charging.
 All done.


Murad Hssoain

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